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Catalog Management

We help retailers increase product sales by optimizing their catalog. Our deep data and machine learning driven platform constantly sifts through your catalog for inventory, price, placement and choice. Finding the right combination that boosts sales.

Most larger retailers are deeply invested on feature development. We complement that by deeply investing in competitive forces surrounding the products that your customers buy. What is trending, what is not. Ensuring availability is optimized for demand. Tweaking price till it is just right. Expanding that catalog to not only drive traffic but to optimize margins as well.

Your competition is running deep analytics. You should too. Combining a growing list of varying shopper signals we analyze your catalog for choice, freshness, inventory levels, pricing and more. Doing so ensures that your shoppers and customers are receiving the best value in the market.

Our team of data scientists and engineers combined with our big data analytics platform of growing market intelligence allows you to understand and respond to changing conditions in a timely manner. Be they competitive products, pricing or availability.

E-Commerce Strategy

Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Mobile and Social – key strategic pillars that guide our thinking as we craft an e-commerce strategy that is uniquely yours. Stand out in the cacophony of social via our big data driven sentiment platform, be available where your customer wants you – right at their finger tips, offer a solution for that customer of 1 and leverage the ROI offered by Cloud and DevOps.


It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started. Or a promising Unicorn. Or defending your market share. We have a sound e-commerce strategy tailor made for you.


Managing E-Commerce Platforms

We do ecommerce. Having been at it for over a decade, we understand where the industry is, the innovations propelling the winners and the mistakes leaving behind the losers.

We partner with boutique mid market retailers to manage all or parts of their ecommerce digital ecosystem: right from choosing the right architecture, helping make build vs. buy decisions regarding various aspects of the commerce ecosystem to managing daily operations with 4 9s uptime.

Retailers, small and large, are challenged by the shift to digital and mobile, declining store sales and the decreased margins of operating online. When you partner with Newstar you get the most cost efficient, effective and affordable ecommerce managed platform that meets your needs today and scales with your growth.

Our relentless focus on our core technology framework – cloud, data analytics, mobile and social – combined with our deep subject matter expertise on all things ecommerce – from marketing CRM, core commerce to order management systems and beyond, ensures that you have a trustworthy partner that will help your business grow.

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Expert Technology Services

Big Data Analytics, Mining, Machine Learning

If you manage a direct to consumer platform generating high volumes of disparate data we can help setup and operate a big data analytics production platform that can manage all types of batch, interactive and real-time workloads.

Retail Data Flow Pipeline Architecture and big data analytics

Architecture and Frameworks

We help you harness disparate data sources to create and capture more value added, leveraged data analytics. We can analyze data of all shapes and sizes, located anywhere in your enterprise or beyond. Our Data Flow Pipeline Platform offers a scalable and low latency architecture using a broad range of open source frameworks including Flume, Kafka, Hadoop MapReduce, HDFS, HBase, Hive, Spark and others to customize a pipeline tailor made for the workload whether batch interactive or real-time.

Big Data Analytics – Transformation, Ingestion, Processing

The benefits of leveraging this powerful frameworks allow us to focus on key aspects of your domain problem including modeling data and selecting efficient formats for data persistence, establishing an effective plug and play integration between multiple and wide ranging data sources and processing pipelines, and enabling ad hoc interactive querying and data mining of the processed data as well as algorithm driven machine learning strategies to increase and grow important business KPI’s like AOV, add to cart, checkout conversion, etc.

Big Data Visualization

We can combine multiple sources and present data cohesively on an optimized Dashboard for better decisions making. We help you gather, interpret, and deliver the insights that shape timely and smart decisions throughout the C-suite.

We work with you to get Right Data to Right People, transforming Big to Agile.

Cloud & DevOps Platform

We help enterprises, mid market on up to fortune 10 companies foster DevOps culture and principles. Doing so helps your teams gain software feature development velocity and an optimized path to production. Our DevOps experts help you and your teams do continuous integration and continuous delivery the right way.

By partnering with Newstar, you get a reliable partner who understands the ins and outs of establishing a reliable DevOps platform that facilitate your delivery teams to do both CI and CD.

We understand DevOps culture. We understand enterprise. We know what it takes to infuse one into the other. We take legacy systems and processes, steeped in water-agile-fall methodologies and monthly releases and transform them into empowered teams using self-service DevOps platforms and tools. Releasing Daily.

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Director IT

We needed help streamlining our board and SEC reporting. Within a few weeks, Newstar’s team of financial analysts were able to establish a process and framework that enabled first rate reporting on a timely basis.

CFO – Fortune 500



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