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"Others bombarded me with buzzwords and resumes while Newstar took time to truly understand our unique challenges and helped craft a winning eCommerce solution."

We continue to receive accolades like these regularly. Why? We zoom in on your core challenge and stick with it until it is solved. Reach us by filling out the contact form below and let us perform a free audit for you. Or call us at 408-434-6000 to discuss how we can help you grow.


DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Test Automation. Wonder how Google, Netflix, Amazon and other digital platforms successfully deploy 50+ changes to production daily? Better yet implement those capabilities in house so features move to production rapidly and with the highest quality. Our experienced and talented engineers can help you optimize your path to production and accelerate delivery of key features.


Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Chatbots, Social Integration, AdTech. Through a combination of compelling tools and services, we drive intentful traffic to your digital platform. Dynamic Ads, PLAs, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Kik and more. Our solutions optimize product placement, thereby increasing engagement, traffic and conversion.


eCommerce Platforms, Customer Service Automation, Fulfillment Optimization. Whether you have an ecommerce platform or looking to launch one, we have the capabilities to help you build and grow that platform and take it to the next level. Our software development expertise spans prepackaged eCommerce solutions including Oracle ATG Web Commerce, SAP Hybris Commerce Suite, and Magento Commerce Software Framework or other open source customizations. Our eCommerce Managed Service allows you to grow the business while we are focused on making sure your platform is both highly available and performant.

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