Catalog Management

We help retailers increase product sales by optimizing their catalog. Our deep data and machine learning driven platform constantly sifts through your catalog for inventory, price, placement and choice. Finding the right combination that boosts sales. Most larger retailers are deeply invested on feature development. We complement that by deeply investing in competitive forces surrounding […]

E-Commerce Strategy

Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Mobile and Social – key strategic pillars that guide our thinking as we craft an e-commerce strategy that is uniquely yours. Stand out in the cacophony of social via our big data driven sentiment platform, be available where your customer wants you – right at their finger tips, offer a solution […]

Managing E-Commerce Platforms

We do ecommerce. Having been at it for over a decade, we understand where the industry is, the innovations propelling the winners and the mistakes leaving behind the losers. We partner with boutique mid market retailers to manage all or parts of their ecommerce digital ecosystem: right from choosing the right architecture, helping make build […]

Funnel, Cart & Checkout Analytics

We help ecommerce platforms optimize their funnel. From top to bottom. From SEO to order. From SEM to fulfillment. From order placement to shipping and reverse logistics. From payments to reverse logistics. We partner with B2C companies to optimize the digital experience so shoppers can find what they are looking for, buy confidently, and have […]