Big Data Analytics, Mining, Machine Learning

If you manage a direct to consumer platform generating high volumes of disparate data we can help setup and operate a big data analytics production platform that can manage all types of batch, interactive and real-time workloads. We help you harness disparate data sources to create and capture more value added, leveraged data analytics. We […]

Cloud & DevOps Platform

We help enterprises, mid market on up to fortune 10 companies foster DevOps culture and principles. Doing so helps your teams gain software feature development velocity and an optimized path to production. Our DevOps experts help you and your teams do continuous integration and continuous delivery the right way. By partnering with Newstar, you get […]

Platform Optimization

We make digital platforms fast. Blazing fast. Speed matters because customers demand it. Or they leave you and go elsewhere. Even worse, they might not even find you. Search engines and social platforms rank for speed. You need to be on the top to even be noticed. Speed and performance matters. Shoppers engage when ecommerce […]