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Are These Bottlenecks Slowing Your Continuous Delivery?
Inconsistent Environments
Manual Testing
Extended Approval Process
Cultural Divide
Lack Of Automation & Tooling
Incoherent Cloud & Mobile Strategy
Newstar Can Remove These Bottlenecks and Help Speed Your Path To Production!

With multiple DevOps engagements, cloud migrations and SaaS enablements, Newstar can help remove these bottlenecks! While your team is focused on building the next great app or feature, Newstar helps build the necessary automation that accelerates the delivery of those features to your customers. Whether it is building out the continuous integration or continuous deployment pipeline, we bring years of experience and technical talent to help empower teams to do more, better, faster. We can help setup QA automation, enable Rapid customer feedback, A/B experimentation, performance deployments and many other innovations at the cutting edge of continuous delivery. Using an array of tools ranging from Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant, and many more we help implement a robust CI/CD pipeline.

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