Funnel, Cart & Checkout Analytics

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We help ecommerce platforms optimize their funnel. From top to bottom. From SEO to order. From SEM to fulfillment. From order placement to shipping and reverse logistics. From payments to reverse logistics.

We partner with B2C companies to optimize the digital experience so shoppers can find what they are looking for, buy confidently, and have their order delivered within promised SLA.

Margin improvement depends on squeezing the funnel for that last stuck order. By combining analytics, log analysis, usability, product and engineering insights and more, we are able to hone in on impediments and fix them. Payment solution options from card processing (Paypal, Gravity, Visa, MasterCard) to fraud detection, Shipping optimization from address verification to lowest cost and time ship to door step, innovative fulfillment ideas and more.

We have developed targeted growth engines. Built complex order generating platforms. Designed self organizing fulfillment nodes. Optimized for ship routes. In short the works when it comes to capturing and fulfilling an order. We can make that platform and expertise available to you. Thereby optimizing your margins.