Catalog Management

We help retailers increase product sales by optimizing their catalog. Our deep data and machine learning driven platform constantly sifts through your catalog for inventory, price, placement and choice. Finding the right combination that boosts sales.

Most larger retailers are deeply invested on feature development. We complement that by deeply investing in competitive forces surrounding the products that your customers buy. What is trending, what is not. Ensuring availability is optimized for demand. Tweaking price till it is just right. Expanding that catalog to not only drive traffic but to optimize margins as well.

Your competition is running deep analytics. You should too. Combining a growing list of varying shopper signals we analyze your catalog for choice, freshness, inventory levels, pricing and more. Doing so ensures that your shoppers and customers are receiving the best value in the market.

Our team of data scientists and engineers combined with our big data analytics platform of growing market intelligence allows you to understand and respond to changing conditions in a timely manner. Be they competitive products, pricing or availability.